Some recent lectures and courses


Microworld and macroworld - multiscaling problems in modelling of geophysics, Geomath3, Horton, July 2-5, 2002 pdf-file,

Thermodynamic modeling of porous materials, Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, Nov. 15, 2002 pdf-file,

Bulk and surface waves in saturated poroelastic materials - low frequency approximation, ROSE School, Pavia, May 19, 2003 pdf-file

Macroscopic modeling of porous and granular materials - microstructure, thermodynamics and some boundary - initial value problems, Cancam2003, Calgary, June 1-6, 2003 pdf-file

Przejscia mikro-makro w modelowaniu osrodkow granulowanych, IPPT, Warszawa, 12 marca 2004 pdf-file

Critical Time for Acoustic Waves in Weakly Nonlinear Poroelastic Materials, ICTAM 2004, Warsaw, August 17, 2004 pdf-file

Linear Sound Waves in Poroelastic Materials: Simple Mixture vs. Biot's Model, STAMM'2004, Seeheim, August 26, 2004 pdf-file

Threshold of Liquefaction due to Weakly Nonlinear Acoustic Waves in a Poroelastic Medium, Biot Centennial Conference, Oklahoma, May 24-27, 2005 pdf-file

Dom pasywny - wyklad z Fizyki Budowli II, Uniwersytet Zielonogorski 2006 pdf-file

Permeability, tortuosity and attenuation of waves in porous materials, ISTAM Annual Symposium, 5 Dec. 2010, Tel Aviv pdf-file,


Grundbegriffe der Kontinuumsmechanik, TUHH Hamburg, 1990 pdf-file

Continuum Theories of Mixtures - Lecture Notes, La Sapienza, Rome, June 2005 pdf-file

Continuum Thermodynamics, Technion, Haifa, 2006 pdf-file

Continuum Thermodynamics, TU Graz, 2007 pdf-file

Fundamentals of Solid Mechanics, ROSE School Pavia, 2010 pdf-file,

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